Thursday – March 29

Part 1:


30 Seconds of work:

3 Deadlifts

Max Rep Strict Handstand Push Ups

*No kipping today.  Scale the range of motion OR sub put a weighted strict press

*Record weight of DL and reps of HSPU

Part 2:

In Teams of 2


Person 1: Max Meter Row

Person 2: 2 Rounds of 10 Push Ups / 15 Air Squats 

*Switch when Person 2 finishes his/her 2nd round

*Push ups cannot begin until the rower is strapped in


Aim for a heavy barbell on deadlifts, more than 65% of you 1 RM.  Aim for volume on the strict pressing motion, even if you have to scale the range of motion.  Just like your kipping pull ups, improving your kipping HSPU will always start with strict strength.  Part 2 should be an all out effort while you do the push ups and air squats, and pace the row as needed.