Friday – June 15

Part 1:

3 Sets

Max Rep Bench Press @ Benchmark weight (135/75)

*Record total reps

*Rest 3-4 Minutes between sets

Part 2:

For Time:

24 Back Rack Lunges (135/85)

15 Handstand Push Ups

20 Back Rack Lunges 

12 Handstand Push Ups

16 Back Rack Lunges

9 Handstand Push Ups

12 Back Rack Lunges 

6 Handstand Push Ups

*15 Minute Cap

*Lunges are alternating

*HSPU Scale = DB Press OR 2x Push Ups


The point of the Bench Press is not exactly to go to failure.  It is meant to gauge your capacity for the Benchmark re-do next Tuesday.  Be smart and careful there.  Pick a challenging weight on the lunges but your thought is unbroken each set.