Wednesday – February 6

20 Minute Rep Ladder

20 Double Unders

10 KB Swings

10 Burpees

*Double Unders increase by 20 each round

*KB Swings / Burpees increase by 10 each round


Olympic Lifting – 815pm

A) 5 rounds – single leg strength/stability

10/10 single leg cone drill, rest 0:30

10 goblet squats, rest 0:30

6 skater jumps with pause, rest 1:00

B) Split jerk from rack (2-sec pause in split)

5 x 2, climbing


Long and monotonous, this will challenge your body and your mind.  Grit cannot be taught – it must be learned.  Today is a good day to work on double unders, but limit your attempts if you struggle with the bigger sets.