Wednesday – January 15

Part 1:

4 Minutes

25 Burpees to Target OR 400 M Run

Max Double Unders

4 Minute Rest

Then Repeat

*Choose whatever movement between DU and Run that you did NOT do above.

*Record total Double Unders

Part 2:

“Reset Benchmark WOD 20.2”

2,000 M Row


Barbell class – 715pm (all levels welcome)

A) 5 sets

0:30 stone march

Lateral hop box jump x 5/5, climbing

B) Hang power clean

Build to a heavy 3


We want everyone to work on fatigued double unders in Part 1, whether you have them or not. Take a long rest before you attack the 2k Row, you’re gonna want to be able to attack that feeling warmed up and lathered but not worn out.