Monday – February 24

Part 1:

2×5 (75-80%)

2×3 (80-85%)

2×2 (85-90%)

1×8 (same weight as second set of 5)

Back Squat

*Farmer carry 120 ft after every 2 sets

*Scale the % if need be – you will see this 3 more times!

Part 2:

For Time:

2,000 M Row


Day 1 of our Back Squat / Front Squat Cycle! This will be pretty tough – make sure you are moving well before you chase after those percentages. You will see this rep scheme several times – don’t obsess over the weight just yet. This is our 2,000 M Row retest! Find the pace you had last time ….and…well….stay under it. One of the most mental workouts we do of the year!