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Thursday – October 1


Hang Snatch (85/60)

Strict Pull Up/Chin Up

*35 Double Unders after each set 


The Double Unders and Hang Snatches will make this workout feel fast and conditioning based for everybody. However the pull ups will be what slows you down a tad. If these can be done unbroken with ease, add weight or try to make them chest to bar.

Wednesday – September 30


800 M Run



21/17 Cal Row

21 Air Squats

21 Sit Ups


800 M Run

*Record Run / Rounds / Run


Try to keep it smooth on the runs rather than an all-out effort. In the AMRAP, we want intense rowing which will create the challenge of doing the sit up and air squats without stopping. Move in a way that promotes an even heart rate so you can keep it together on that second run.

Tuesday – September 29

3 Rounds

8 Hang DB/KB Snatch ( R)

6 DB/KB Walking Lunge ( R) 

8 Hang DB/KB Snatch (L)

6 DB/KB Walking Lunge (L) 

8 DB/KB Push Press ( R)

8 DB/KB Push Press (L)

8 DB/KB Step Up (L) 

*9 Minute Cap

Part 2:

Every 2:00 for 8 Sets 

Back Squat 

*Rep Scheme is 6-4-2-6-4-2-2-2


Your challenge will be to do the entire Part 1 metcon without putting the weight down! Go after it and then we repeat the same squat routine from last Thursday. Lets see if you can hit those numbers after a workout!

Monday – September 28


5 Clean and Jerks (155/95)

5 Box Jumps (24/20)

10 Toes to Bar 

3 Minute Rest


5 Box Jumps 

5 Toes to Bar 

10 Clean and Jerks 

3 Minute Rest


5 Toes to Bar 

5 Clean and Jerks

10 Box Jumps 

*Record 3 different scores 


Starting the week off with a classic Crossfit workout that will test the ability on the barbell, on pull up bar, and in the lungs! Think quick singles at the clean and jerks and a consistent rhythm on the box jumps.

Saturday – September 26

In Teams of 2 

Get as far as you can in 30 Minutes:

50 Box Jumps (step down)

60 Wall Balls

70 KB Swings 

80 Double Unders 

400 M Run together

Rest 2 Minutes 

50 Burpees to Target

60 Wall Balls 

70 Deadlifts (135/95)

80 Double Unders 

400 M Run together 

Rest 2 Minutes 

50/40 Cal Row 

60 Wall Balls 

70 Hang Cleans (135/95)

80 Double Unders 

400 M Run together 

*If you finish, you’re done (Good Luck)


Take it as a challenge to see how far you and your partner can get! Be smart about how you break this up so that both of you can get after it on the runs…the movement RIGHT BEFORE YOUR REST

Friday – September 25


2 Rounds

12 Alternating DB Snatch 

9 Shoulder to Overhead 

6 Strict Pull Ups

3 Strict Handstand Push Ups 

Rest 2 Minutes (after 2ndround)

*Add weight during rests

*Approximate Barbell Loads (Goal is 1-2 sets every time you’re at barbell)







This is going to be a VERY upper body/overhead dominant workout. Find efficiency help from the lower half where you can. This should have more of a strength-feel to it, especially during the back half of the time.

Thursday – September 24

Part 1:

2 Sets

6 Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats (each leg)

30-40 Second Plank

6 Weighted Step Ups (each leg)

2 Sets 

12 Bent Over DB/KB Row (each leg)

8 Laying Down Leg Raise (slow eccentric)

12 Barbell Curls

*Strict 10 Minute Cap

Part 2:

Every 1:30 for 8 Sets 

Back Squat

*Rep scheme: 6-4-2-6-4-2-2-2


Use Part 1 to get you ready and primed to lift heavy in part 2. Be sure to keep some in the tank for the first 4 sets because of the lack of rest. We want to go after heavy doubles at the end.

Wednesday – September 23

5 Rounds 

7 Toes to Bar 

7 Burpees 

35 Double Unders

*Rest 1 Minute after each round 

Right in to 

5 Rounds 

7 Burpees 

7 Toes to Bar 

35 Double Unders

*Rest 1 Minute after each round

*25 Minute Cap


This is our next progression into double unders. The volume per set is increasing and the upper body will be taxed! The toes to bar + burpee combo is sure to challenge the midline. We will start throwing these in to weekly workouts for the next month, don’t hesitate to scale if needed.

Tuesday – September 22

Every 4:00 for 6 Sets 

20 Wall Balls 

24/10 Cal Row 

*Record fastest / slowest rounds


The challenge here will be 1-2 sets of wall balls and than do whatever you can on the rower. You want to get AT LEAST 1:00 of rest, so the couplet should be able to be done under 3:00 at the very most. Scale accordingly!

Monday – September 21


1 Clean High Pull + 1 Power Clean + 1 Push Press + 1 Split Jerk 


1 Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk 


1 Power Clean and Jerk 

@20:00 mark 


Clean and Jerks (65-70% of final set)


Use the EMOM to incrementally increase the load so that you can feel heavy weight for the final 5 minutes. Have a plan for your weights so you don’t scramble during the workout! You will have 5+ minutes to get the bar ready for Part 2. Goal here is to get 30+ reps!!