Tuesday – September 29

3 Rounds

8 Hang DB/KB Snatch ( R)

6 DB/KB Walking Lunge ( R) 

8 Hang DB/KB Snatch (L)

6 DB/KB Walking Lunge (L) 

8 DB/KB Push Press ( R)

8 DB/KB Push Press (L)

8 DB/KB Step Up (L) 

*9 Minute Cap

Part 2:

Every 2:00 for 8 Sets 

Back Squat 

*Rep Scheme is 6-4-2-6-4-2-2-2


Your challenge will be to do the entire Part 1 metcon without putting the weight down! Go after it and then we repeat the same squat routine from last Thursday. Lets see if you can hit those numbers after a workout!