Thursday – October 15

21 Minute Alternating EMOM (7 Sets)

1: 7 Handstand Push Ups + 7 Strict Press (under 50 seconds)

2: 14 Alternating Hang DB Snatch + 7 Pull Ups (under 50 seconds)

3: 30 Seconds Max Cal Row 

*Record total calories – that’s it.  “RX” is dependent on range of motion and volume from station 1 and 2.


We want to try and move with urgency today. Pull ups will be under more duress than last week, scale the DB Snatches (reps or load) if you struggle to get the work done in under 50 seconds. The rower is where you will make or break the workout. We want to push to the point to get those max cals, but not to the point where you cripples you at stations 1 and 2. For some, this will need to be a recovery pace.