Thursday – November 12

Part 1:

3 Sets 

15 Back Squats 

Rest 1 Minute

10 Back Squats 

Rest 30 Seconds 

5 Back Squats 

Rest 2-3 Minutes 

*The 15-10-5 is done at one weight.  Add weight between sets if desired

*% should be between 50-60%, don’t go for a max load

Part 2:


4 Toes to Bar 

4 Thrusters (115/75)

*Toes to Bar increase by 2 each set


Part 1 is going to be 90 Back Squats in under 10 minutes. Do not view this as “How Heavy can I go?” Use this as prep for the Pre-Thanksgiving Squats…maybe working up to your body weight or just a tad higher on that final set. Part 2 will be an intense couplet that will come down to Toes to Bar capacity.