Monday – January 11

Part 1: 

3 Sets (not for time)

10 Tempo Deadlifts (3 seconds down / pause at bottom / explode up) 

10 Tempo Push Ups (3 seconds down / pause at bottom / explode up)

5 High Box Jumps 

10 Hollow Rocks 

*10 Minute Cap

*Not recording

Part 2:

For Time: 


Deadlifts (135/95)

Hang Power Cleans 

Push Ups

*9 Minute Cap


There will be A LOT of strength gains going on in part 1. The load on the deadlift should be under 60% of your perceived 1 RM. We want you to feel the hamstrings and glutes working on that eccentric. Part 2 should be an aggressive pace where you will work on cycling and efficiency.